For most of us the working bit of Tuesday is almost over, but before you skate out of the office for your bus/train/tram/bike home, take a minute to cast your eye over the top tech news from this afternoon. It’s teatime, it’s tech time… it’s Teatime Tech, er, time.

First up we’ve got a rumour for you: the Samsung Galaxy S 2 might be coming later than expected. Both and Expansys have shifted their release dates from March to May (boo!), although also knocked £50 off the price (yay!).

Then there’s the freshly launched Philips Fidelio Soundsphere speakers, which come with a big side order of AirPlay love – in other words, they can wirelessly stream from your iOS device or iTunes-toting computer. Lovely.

Finally, ease yourself into the evening by checking out our line-up of 10 unbelievable iPad mods, in which creative people take Apple’s glorious tablet and work it into something a bit different.

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