If you recently bought an iPad, only to find that there’s now a shiny new iPad 2 and a whopping great £100 reduction on the price tag of the original iPad, do not be alarmed! Apple will refund you the difference, so you could still take advantage of that iPad price drop. There is a catch though. Read on…

We were assured by Apple’s sales team that Apple would just give you the £100 price difference, without any complicated returns and exchanges, so you can take advantage of the price drop on the original iPad. Good news! The catch is that you’ll need to be within the 14-day returns window, which doesn’t leave any wiggle room for those outside of that window. You’ll also need your receipt.

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Despite the fact that there’s a pretty narrow window, it’s better than nothing, and means that at least some people haven’t been stiffed by the price drop. After all, the iPad event invite only arrived a week ago, leaving us out in the cold until then about the arrival of the iPad 2.

What do you think? Should people have held out on buying an iPad, or should Apple extend the notice period for taking advantage of the iPad price drop? Shout out in the comments!

  • http://twitter.com/giannivt Gianni Rondini

    i would like to know a bit more about this news…did you know if are eligible to refund even people who didn't buy an original iPad from the Apple Store, and have the receipt taken the 17th of March? thanks!

    • Jenniferlucyallan

      Hi Gianni, I don't follow your question. A receipt from the 17th of March would either have you buying it in the future, or buying it almost a year ago. In both cases you're outside the 14 day return policy.

      • http://twitter.com/giannivt Gianni Rondini

        ops, I'm sorry…I meant 17th of February 2011 :)
        I have the receipt from a reseller and not from Apple Store, could I've been considered eligible for the refund?

  • Tippastang

    This is bad information, Apple knows nothing of this offer.

    • Jenniferlucyallan

      Hi Tippastang, that's not what we were told in the UK by Apple sales.

    • Jenniferlucyallan

      Also, it's not an “offer” per se. We asked if we could take back an iPad bought less than 14 days ago, with a receipt, and buy a new one at the discounted rate, therefore pocketing the difference. The sales rep we spoke to said if we took it back, rather than doing a big return and buying a new device that Apple would just refund the difference. We called the UK sales team.

  • carolm

    I just called Apple's 800 number in the U.S., and the rep I spoke with said he hadn't heard anything about this policy. Is it U.K. only?

    • http://twitter.com/giannivt Gianni Rondini

      I called the italian customer service and they didn't know anything too…

      • Jenniferlucyallan

        Hi, we called UK sales, and they said that “if you take it back, they will give you the difference”. That's regarding an original iPad that was bought less than 14 days ago.

        • carolm

          Update: US Apple is now aware of this. :)

  • PantoSpanto

    Oh wow, thats pretty cool that they would do that. Wow.


  • hmmm

    I bought an iPad last week through T-Mobile (it's on a 2 year contract), would I still be able to either get the £100 refund or swap it for an ipad 2?

  • http://twitter.com/Patrick_J73 Patrick Johnson

    Got my price match for my 32gb ipad that I got on the 26th Feb due to having a Apple reseller near me and the woman in Currys nearly Died when she found out the refund was for £122.10, Plus they had to give me 10% more as thats the offer…She said Apple would Pull them from sale cause they cannot afford to sell them that cheap. but its Apple that lowered the Price, Muppet..You just cannot get the staff

  • Lucy Ladbrooke

    I am quite fankly disgusted, I bought my Ipad less than 30 days ago (but more than 14 days ago) as a birthday present now to find that I have been stung for £110.00! I have always been a loyal customer of Apple products but I would definately re-condider in the future after this situation, I feel I should be given a refund especially as it is within 30 days of purchase.

    • bensillis

      We feel your pain Lucy – keep an eye on Electricpig and other gadget sites though and you'll soon get a sense of when refreshes are coming, when's best to avoid buying. MacBooks Pros get bumped in the Spring, iPhone in July, iPods in September.

    • Jaz

      How were you “stung”? You were not forced to buy it. You knew what the price was before you bought it and you made the decision to buy at that price.

      If Apple subsequently reduce the price, that doesn't mean you were 'stung'. Prices of nearly everything – especially technology – move. If you bought something and then the price went up the following month, would you accept that you had “stung” the seller and offer to pay more to make up the difference?

  • Chputnam

    I would have waited to buy my Ipad. I bought my Ipad on the 17th of February. The rebate should be extended to at least three weeks to one month. The new Ipad offers more than the one I just bought.

    • Jaz

      Apple are not obliged to offer a rebate – they do it as a goodwill gesture to keep customers loyal. Why should the period be “at least three weeks…”? Just because you happened to have bought yours just under 3 weeks ago?!

      If you had bought it a month and a day ago, you'd be saying it should be extended to 5 weeks!

  • Gelliott Dr

    Where do I go to fill out form regarding refund on IPad?

  • Rexus

    Bought an iPad from PC World on the 19th Feb, 10 days ago, and guess what, their returns policy is only 7 days so tough, no rebate. The morale of the story is, buy Apple products from Apple not PC World/Currys!!!!

  • Jasonhall007

    Bad luck i guess….bought mine as a T-Mobile customer in November.
    Guess i shall have to be patient and hope that a 3rd gen doesn't come out when i upgrade to a 2nd generation.
    Then again taking in to account the contract..will it be ipad 4 by then? :-0

  • Joe

    You gotta keep your finger on the pulse. It wa pretty common knowledge that Apple was bringing out iPad 2 so I purposefully waited until now. And now I will buy iPad 2. However I did learn my lesson before when they brought out iPhone 3GS and did exactly the same offer. The only problem for me was I bought it 15 days before. I spent a long time moaning and got £25 back in the end, probably simpler to try to forget about it and move on

  • Tikita321

    I bought my Ipad from Tesco direct 3 weeks ago. After phoning the apple store and finding out that they willgive you the refund only if you've bought direct from them. I then phone Tesco to be told that they will refund you the difference between what it cost when you bought it from them and what they charge now as long as you bought it within the last 30 days. Both tesco and apple charge the same. Tesco gave me £135 the difference between the now and then price. Well done Tesco much better than apples refund.

  • Drew

    This totally devalues and undermines the current iPad – is £100 an easy hit they can take on the mark-up? They’ve destroyed the market for those of us that want to get the best price possible for our iPad 1s to go towards a fund for the iPad 2 – what is the term for this” Self-Cannablisation? Or Greedy Apple F*ckers?

    • Anonymous

      Could be surplus stock to get rid of?

  • Alpenshah

    apple sucks, I just bought 30 days ago now i pay 20% more for ipad 2.

  • Miy

    apple needto refund for 45 days price match ,, bestbuy, costco all other does for 90 days.
    should bring to upper management stop cheating loyal custombers. i wish apple goes down to hell…where steve is..

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