Motorola will transform all smartphones into laptops with webtop applicationIt’s official. The Motorola Atrix will not be the only kid on the block capable of transforming from a high-end smartphone to laptop via that ingenious docking station. In a press release this afternoon, Motorola confirmed that it’s webtop application, the software which makes the magic happen, will be coming to its entire high-end smartphone portfolio in the second half of 2011.

At CES 2011 we had our first taste of the Motorola Atrix. Using the optional laptop dock, the smartphone transformed from a smartphone into a full-fledge laptop, offering a desktop-like experience. Many will argue that performance when using the laptop dock is more in line with a netbook than a laptop, but regardless the concept is incredible.

Today’s announcement has huge implications and quite possibly shifts the direction of Motorola Mobility from here on out. Rather than limiting the potential of the dual-core and soon-to-be quad-core processors in the smartphone form factor, webtop brings a desktop Linux environment to the end user with the flick of a switch. If you have a USB hub for your mouse and keyboard and a HDMI cable, you can transform your TV into a quasi-desktop.

Other manufacturers took note as the Atrix won the award for Best of CES 2011. For now Motorola has webtop and its competitors will likely begin development of their own solutions. Based on Sense UI, HTC looks to be the most natural contender in the market. Will HTC be able to match webtop or has Motorola taken strides its competition can’t catch? Sound off.

via PhoneScoop

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