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Look closely. A little closer. Those glass trinkets aren’t new age vases – they’re fully fledged internet media streamers, that just so happen to be transparent. We’ve just spotted these see through wonders here at CeBIT in Hannover. They’re called the WiGO 1 and the WiGO 2: read on for all the details we could scrape together, and see the first photos. Boxee Box eat your heart out.

These two media streamers, the WiGO 1 and WiGO 2, have been made by Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron, and are nominated in the International Forum of Design product design awards 2011. The winners are being announced at CeBIT tonight, but frankly, we’re not interested if it isn’t these two beauties.

Unfortunately, a Wistron representative couldn’t be reached for further details: all we know about the WiGO 1 and WiGO 2 is what we’ve gleamed from the iF website: connecting “via HDMI cable to the TV…you can enjoy…relaxed multimedia on local drives and network devices or streaming content from the Internet.” So that’s a media streamer then. The WiGO 2′s rear sports an optical audio connection, ethernet port, USB socket and what look like speaker and line in/out connections. There’s also that HDMI connection.

The WiGO 1 meanwhile, is a mystery. We can make out an infra red receiver up top, which ties with the press images we’ve found showing it working with a similarly transulcent remote. Other than that though, we’re struggling to see where Wistron has hidden its connections. They must be underneath, which will mean it looks like a jellyfish when all its cables are attached.

Fingers crossed that these stunning set top boxes make it past the drawing board and onto shop shelves. Wistron’s own website is suspiciously lacking in any information on them though. In the meantime, check out the hands on photos right here in our gallery.

What do you make of these? Are they the slickest media streaming devices you’ve ever seen, or are they just a distraction from what you’re trying to watch? More to the point, are they giving the Boxee Box a run for its money in the weirdness stakes? Shout up with your comments below.

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