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At CES in January, Asus treated us to Iris: its vision of the future. It’s a future in which we use transparent, flexible, expandable screens and our personal content follows us around across devices. At the time, we thought it was pie in the sky, but today at CeBIT we caught sight of the first working Asus Iris prototype. Read on, and see our video of it in action.

Tucked away behind glass, the Iris Pro is a desktop slate, with a pen to input directly onto its transparent screen. The device is supposed to pull information, and juice up, Iris Core, the wrist-worn personal computing device Asus reckons we’ll all be wearing in the not-too-distant future.

Still with us? Good. The Iris Pro slots into a docking station which packs a pico projector, and is able to slap images all over the nearest wall. What we didn’t expect, was to see a working prototype of Asus’s high tech testbed today. Its colour transparent screen and pico projector were both in full working order, although at the time it was simply playing a video and projecting a static image.

Check it out in the video below, and image gallery above, along with other Asus Iris kit. What do you think? Has Asus struck gold, or is its vision of the future a little warped?

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