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The new Ford Focus, due to hit forecourts with Ford Sync and MyFord Touch technology in 2012, will have the ability to phone for help if you crash, CEO Alan Mulally has revealed in his CeBIT keynote. Even better, it’ll use GPS and cell towers to tell emergency services where to find you, and automatically speak the language of the 999 operator in the country where you had the prang.

The new feature, dubbed Sync Emergency Assistance will be free to Ford owners with Sync installed in their car when it rolls out next year. In the US, Sync is already available. In Europe and the UK, we’ll see it first in 2012 models of the Focus.

Ford says Sync Emergency Assistance will boast double the country coverage of its competitors, and triggered by an airbag deployment or a crash that triggers the fuel pump to be disengaged, could save lives.

It’ll automatically warn you it’s going to call for help. If you don’t cancel it, say because you’re unconscious, it’ll dial 112 using a Bluetooth link to your mobile phone. It’ll then announce to the emergency operator that you’ve had a crash, and give GPS co-ordinates, all in the language they’re most likely to speak. Great if you’re prone to forgetting foreign road rules.

The best bit? It’s all free. Ford says it isn’t charging a fee for the Sync Emergency Assistance feature, and it’ll continue operating for anyone who buys the car second hand too. Add that to all Sync’s other goodies, the all-electric option and the new Focus’ self-parking abilities, and it’s shaping up to be the smartest car on British roads.

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