The Google Stereo The Google Stereo

The Google Stereo

Sure, there’s a Google phone or two, but a Google stereo? Better believe it: we just stumbled across this bona fide, officially branded audio system here at the Sound & Vision Bristol Show today. Pictures and details of the Google stereo right this way – plus bonus shots of the minimalist, Google branded packaging.

We spotted this slick looking contraption at Chord Electronics‘ stand today, and got inquisitive. Why was Google’s logo embossed and painted into the metal? Why did it have its own box, that looked exactly like something straight out Mountainview? Was this Google stereo – or Google carry stereo audio system, to give it its full name – a sham?

Nope, the Google Stereo is no IP fraud. It’s the real deal, made by Chord on request of the search giant for internal use. It’s actually a rebranded version of the Chordette Carry, a high end boombox of sorts with inputs for just about everything under the sun. It can connect via Bluetooth apt-X to stream music, and comprises of the Chordette Prime, Chordette Dual, Cordette Peach and Cordette Scamp sub-stations, which you can buy separately as well.

The difference, of course, is that your average Chordette Carry is missing the primary colours of the big G’s logo – and nor does its display simply read DROID all the time. As a result, we must say it looks nothing short of stunning – in a Fisher-Price kind of way. Is that wrong?

Chord weren’t exactly forthcoming with details about the Google stereo, claiming it was subject to a nondisclosure agreement with the company, but we did learn that this was delivered only around Christmas time – and no sadly, it’s not going on sale publicly.

Perhaps that’s no bad thing though: after all, there’s no tight Android integration. We can but dream.

Check out the photos of the Google stereo right here in our gallery – would you buy one?



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