Best iPhone apps: app of the day – Marco Friend Locator

February 24th, 2011

Some of the best iPhone apps are the ones that do something simple but do it well by hooking together the smarts collected in the iPhone. Marco Friend Locator is definitely one of those apps and a clever little addition to our best iPhone apps arsenal. It uses GPS and SMS combined to locate friends and show both your and their location via Google Maps. Read on to find out how it does it…

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The clever thing about Marco is that it doesn’t require the other user to be rocking the app. If they don’t have it installed (and their are apps for Android, webOS and Blackberry if they do want to grab it), an SMS is fired off to their phone giving them a link to a Google Map where you’ll be shown.

Once you’re looking at the map, you can indicate your current spot by moving the pin if Marco hasn’t got your location exactly right and you can tap the dot representing your friend to call, text or get Google directions from within the app. On the privacy side of things, Marco connections only last 30 minutes and are only shared with the person you send them to.

Hit the comments to suggest other GPS apps you think should make our best iPhone apps hall of fame.

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