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We’ve seen Archos Android tablet models of all sizes and shapes hit the gadget test bench over the last few weeks here at Electricpig. While everyone else ums and ahs about Honeycomb, Archos has got out there and actually shipped a whole family of Google slates you can buy today – for that at least, it should be applauded.

But which, if any of them should you slap down your hard earned for? Read on for our Archos Android tablet review group test and we’ll tell you which one’s for who.

Archos 101 Android tablet review

Like the Advent Vega, the Archos 101 Android tablet is a surprisingly high power model for the price you pay, and it’s roundabout the same size as an iPad. And, you could argue, offers many of the same features, with a multitouch screen, fast web browsing and respectable battery life. It can even output in HD to your TV, and certainly smashes the iPad when it comes to local music and video file format support.

However, as with all of Archos’ range, we have to mark it down for a lack of core Google apps – like Maps, Gmail and the Android Market – meaning you only get part of the Android experience. And having part of the Android experience isn’t as good as having all of the iPad experience for £80 more.

Hackers however will love how easily you can put Google’s apps on there if you know where to look – so this one is for a niche audience only.

Archos 43 Android tablet review

The Archos 43 Android tablet has almost everything going for it: it costs less than an iPod touch, packs a whizzy 1GHz processor inside and can even output HD video to your TV. It’s even got a kickstand. How can you argue with that? You can’t.

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Sadly, it’s slightly let down by the resistive touchscreen and lack of Google apps – the latter issue is easily resolved with some tinkering, but there’s no getting round the frustrating lack of multitouch.

That said, we know there’s a small group of die hards out there who swear by resistive touchscreens and stylii – we presume they all live in cold places where you need to wear gloves and there are no Apple stores, but if that’s you, you’ll love the Archos 43 Android tablet.

Archos 28 Android tablet review

The Archos 28 Android tablet is frankly too small to really get away with the tablet moniker, and it’s certainly too small to enjoy video on. But it’s certainly preferable to the pricey iPod nano, courtesy of its ability to run Android apps. In fact, we make it the cheapest way to get Spotify on the go, anywhere on the planet right now – that could make it a nice prezzie for any Spotify Premiumn subscribers you know.

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Archos 7 Home Tablet review

This model has been usurped by the Archos 70 model with a much newer build of Android (2.2 rather than 1.5), but if all you want is a portable video player, you could do worse for the £99 pricetag. It plays just about everything you throw at it after all.

Archos 5 Android tablet review

Archos is still selling its very first Android tablet, originally launched in 2009. It too is only running Android 1.5, but it’s certainly been built to last, and comes with plentiful storage space – either a 32GB solid state drive or 160GB hard drive if you’re willing to accept more bulk in your bag.

We’ll have full reviews of the Archos 70 Android tablet and Archos 32 Android tablet just as soon as we can, and will update this post when we do.

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