Has Intel leaked the new MacBook Pro again? Last time there was a new MacBook Pro, a competition run by Intel leaked the new design, and now, it looks like they might have done it again. Click through for the full image.

The new Intel ads appear to show a new MacBook Pro design, at exactly the time we’re expecting to hear some solid news on the new MacBook Pro for this year.

There isn’t much to see on the ad, although it looks like the new MacBook Pro model is super slim, and possibly has a black body.

Here’s the full ad:

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Tony Grooms

    apple store down maybe its on its way

  • http://iphoneappdate.wordpress.com/ iphoneappdate

    It looks very nice. I'd hate to think of the price tag if this is the new generation of Mac books

  • parisvi

    If that is it I reckon they would get rid of the cd/dvd drive and make everyone use their app store getting 30% on everyones purchases mua hahahaha

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