Attention HTC Desire owners: Android 2.3 Gingerbread update confirmedLegacy HTC Desire owners will get a taste of Android 2.3 Gingerbread in one or two months after the upcoming Desire S is released. That means that if you currently travel the mobile highway with a Desire, Desire HD or Desire Z, your future will certainly include the latest build.

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There’s no guarantees for software updates in this crazy mobile space we call Android. Fortunately, Cnet UK has been able to track down some concrete details — a rarity by today’s standards. Rather than risk skewing the facts, let’s go straight to the horse’s mouth:

We did manage to get HTC’s man to say that the first Gingerbread update would be released within a month of the Desire S hitting shop shelves, but then he changed his mind and said it would probably occur within two months.

So let’s lay out the possible roadmap. The HTC Desire S is scheduled to release in the second quarter of 2011. In the worst case scenario this means either late May or June, leaving the original Desire series in position for a late June or July Gingerbread update. Not as soon as we’d have liked, but still better late than never.

via Cnet UK

  • Shortysteve23

    I'm done with Androids for this particular reason, I hope iPhone comes to sprint rather then to leave Sprint for Verizon.

    • surethom

      The iphone updates once a year & Android twice a year, so Android is better than iphone in this way. I could never move from Android to iphone until the iphone gets widgets, even then I still prefer Android because of the multiple manufactures & hardware to choose from.

  • surethom

    Nice but because the desire has such small amount of memory I only have 15mb free & that is with everything that can be on the SD card is. Anyway by the time this comes out I will be saying good by to HTC (there new line up, not impressed) I will have the Motorola Atrix, which should!!!! have Gingerbbread by then, hopefully.

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