google-cr-48Android’s dominated proceedings at MWC this week, but Eric Schmidt didn’t neglect to mention its oft-forgotten stablemate, Chrome OS. In fact, the Big G’s head honcho said we could expect to see machines packing the cloud-based operating system as soon as this spring. Read on for all the deets.

Speaking during his Mobile World Congress keynote, Schmidt was bullish about Chrome OS’s chances, saying, “It’s virus-free, very fast, and allows for remote management – the things that IT managers are always asking for. We believe cloud computing can be applied to the desktop. ChromeOS won’t run Windows apps, but there are some apps that you might consider as a substitution.”

He said production was starting in spring, which should mean we’ll be seeing the first mass market Chrome OS netbooks come early summer. The Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook, released last year was well-received, even if it was only a prototype.

Is Schmidt right to be so confident about Chrome OS? Or will the OS and notebooks rocking it be DOA? Hit up the comments section and tell us what you think.

Via The Guardian

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