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Not a fan of HTC’s button-coated Facebook phone, the ChaCha? Then take a squiz at this, the HTC Salsa. It’s HTC’s second Facebook phone, packing a 3.4 inch touchscreen and a bonafide Facebook button. Intrigued? We implore you, read on and treat your eyeballs.

Unlike the HTC ChaCha, the HTC Salsa’s interface is a standard-issue HTC Sense, albeit with more social networking baked into its core. Dive into the address book and you’ll see Facebook friends’ status updates, whether they’re available for an IM session, and all the usual profile pictures you’d expect.

Like the HTC ChaCha, the HTC Salsa’s calendar syncs with your Facebook account so appointments show their location, who’s attending and even uploads to the event wall. As with the ChaCha, the Salsa’s Facebook button lets you tap to share photos, videos and songs you’re listening to, or hold down the button to check in to Facebook Places or take advantage of Facebook Deals.

HTC says the Salsa will be on sale by the End of Q2, so you’re looking at June on the outside. What’s more, the phone giant reckons both the ChaCha and Salsa will be affordable, sitting “between the Wildfire S and Desire S” in its line-up.

Hot chat, right here!

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