Our American cousins have been fondling the HTC Incredible since April 2010, but HTC resisted bringing it to Britain, until now. Ladies and gents, meet the UK’s first taste of Incredible, the HTC Incredible S. And, yes, we’re a little bit taken with its overblown name.

The HTC Incredible S is more than a trumped up moniker though. It sits between the new HTC Desire and Desire HD in terms of size, with a 4 inch screen and 1Ghz processor plus 768MB of RAM and 1.1GB of built in storage, expandable using a microSD card. But it’s the outside you’ll really care about.

The HTC Incredible S’s skin is slightly rubberised. It’s slip-free, and seems almost shrink-wrapped around the internal components. Underneath it all is Android Froyo, although HTC’s promising a Gingerbread update will land at a later date.

HTC says we’ll get the HTC Incredible fairly early though. It’s currently shooting for an “early Q2” release date, so fingers crossed for April 2011.

  • surethom

    Lets hope the microphone for video recording is better than my Desire which is so so tinny.

    And Come on HTC a better battery please my desire only lasts 15 h then needs another charge.

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