We’ve given you the skinny on the new HTC Desire S, HTC Wildfire S and HTC ChaCha, but now we know which network will be stocking them, or at least the first to show its hand. Vodafone UK has confirmed to us it’ll stock all three smartphones.

The HTC ChaCha is an interesting choice for Vodafone UK. It’s the keyboard-equipped Facebook phone from HTC, and notably geekier-looking than its sister Facebook phone, the HTC Salsa.

The Desire S and Wildfire S handsets though? They’re no-brainers. The HTC Desire was one of the best-selling phones of 2010, and the Wildfire offers a bargain-basement entry brice to the world of Android.

Will you be slapping down cash for the HTC Desire S, HTC Wildfire S and HTC ChaCha? We’re still waiting for a release date for each handset, so kill time letting us know your favourite, and why, in the comments section.

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