It’s happened. Nokia will make Windows Phone 7 devices and what’s more “Windows Phone will serve as Nokia’s primary smartphone plarform”. That’s just been confirmed by Nokia in a statement that winged its way to us. Stephen Elop, the new Nokia boss and writer of the world’s harshest memo, is completely overhauling Nokia’s management, marketing and technical approaches but there’s good news for Nokia fans – MeeGo is still a-go-go…

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Nokia says it will use Windows Phone 7 as part of “a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft to build a new global mobile ecosystem”. That’s good news for Microsoft too and the result of Elop’s loyalties. To go with the new OS, Nokia is getting a new leadership team.

Elop says: “Nokia is at a critical juncture, where significant change is necessary and inevitable in our journey forwar. Today, we are acceleratingt that change through a new path, aimed at regaining our smartphone leadership, reinforcing our mobile device platform and realising our investments in the future.”

The tie-up with Microsoft will keep things like Nokia Maps alive and push them into Microsoft services like Bing. Microsoft is also set to give Nokia developers more developer tools to play wth. It looks like Symbian will stay alive on Nokia feature phones in the developing world and MeeGo is still coming. Nokia says unequivocally: “Nokia still plans to ship a MeeGo-related product later this year.”

This is obviously huge news but the question is: is this enough to get Nokia off that “burning platform” that Elop said it was stood upon? Is the Microsoft/Nokia team up set to shake iOS and Android or will those two juggernauts just keep speeding onwards unbothered? Hit the comments and let us know.

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  • Alfie

    At least for me and my friends, this decision means Bye bye Nokia, Hello Android…

    • Fishy Fingers mmmmm

      Why is that?

      WM7 will be cracked and an app free for all will ensue sooner or later.

      If it's because you don't like MS, pfft – you are choosing another company who are just as bad.

      • Alfie

        Your average user does not want to start rooting their mobile and installing custom ROMs.

        And you're right. I don't like Microsoft. Appalling software (I'm writing this on Vista!) has held innovation up for years. I anticipate the same fate for W7 – a real tragedy! By the time Nokia have sorted out the mess that is Symbian, Meego and now W7, the world will have moved on and left Nokia behind. Again.

        I wish the Steve's all the best – but today's decision means my next phone will not be a Nokia.

  • TechInsider

    Will the last out of Nokia please turn out the lights…

  • Dudeyks

    I'm guessing by year end 2012 Andriod/iOS will have 70% of the market between them. So who will have the other 30%? Maybe Nokia but only if Microsoft play ball.. but that's a big maybe.

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