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Archos 28 Android media player unboxed: photos

The Archos 28 is the smallest touchscreen device yet we’ve seen from the French manufacturer with Android running on it – and at the low price of around £80, that sounds like a killer combo for anyone put off by the latest iPod nano‘s high price and lack of features. Is it? We’ve just got one to try out: check out the photos of it right here, and let us know what you’re keen to find out from our upcoming review.

We love the idea of the Archos 28: a low price media player with added app support. It’s certainly cute and reasonably attractive too, though we’ve yet to try out its media playing skills – its 2.8-inch screen is a bit of a struggle to activate with finger presses.

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Of course, the lack of Google certification means this little device is missing the crucial apps like Gmail – and the Android Market – out of the box, and as ever, we suspect that’s going to be our biggest issue with the Archos 28. But hey, we’ll give it a full and thorough test before bringing you our review next week.

Anything you want to know about the Archos 28? Drop your queries here in the comments and we’ll get back to you in the coming days.

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