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It’s official: here are the best Android tablet top five, as rated by Electricpig’s gadget experts. These are the models that stick out from the iPad’s long shadow, and give you the best Google experience without a keyboard. Read on and see what they are to the right of this full post.

So you know an iPad isn’t for you? That’s cool: you probably want to know what the best Android tablet is then, while we wait patiently for rival platforms from BlackBerry and HP Palm. And you can see them to the right of the page in our shortlist.

Check out the list to the right

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We’ve pulled together what we think are the best Android tablet top five from all the different models, sizes and price ranges, and compressed them in to an easy to digest list, complete with quick links to reviews and Amazon product pages.

We’re testing new models out all the time, and with the advent of Android Honeycomb for tablets, you can expect this list to change all the time, so keep checking back for updates.

What do you make of our Best Android Tablet Top 5? Are we missing any budget slates? Are they in the wrong order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • UKJeeper

    Wouldn't really call the Tab 'Pricey' anymore. Less than £350 in several places. 16gb MicrosD cards can be had for less than £20. Gives a 32gb tablet for way less than an Ipad.

  • guest

    Hmm – what influenced you to move the Advent Vega from third on the top tablet list to 4th? thus allowing the Galaxy Tab into a higher position?

    Was it because you panned them for a 16% return rate?

  • Best Mobile Contracts

    I think this is a pretty good list for the moment, in about the order I'd put them. Anyone looking at spending a chunk on a new Android tablet would probably be well advised to wait a few months, though. It seems almost every manufacturer has a slate on the way in the next month or two, most of them running Honeycomb which is specifically designed for tablets rather than Eclair or Froyo which are not.

  • Mark Titley

    If the Galaxy Tab will not get Honeycomb, I would say it is not that high. Yes is a good device but it will grow old quickly. I think the Vega will be getting Honeycomb as it is duel core processor, this will hopefully put this at the top.…/

    • bensillis

      You're probably right Mark – but we only rate products on what they can do now. If the Vega gets that Honeycomb release we'll reassess immediately.

  • adrianparr

    Looking forward to the BlackBerry Playbook and the Motorola Xoom. Though I hope Motorola don't price it around the £700 mark. That would be ridiculous!

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