Google is suping up your shopping smarts on the iPhone. The Google Shopper app has hit the iTunes App Store following on from the Android version which hit the Android Market last year. Google Shopper can search for products based on text, voice or barcode recognition and will pull up price comparisons for that specific product and show you the nearest places to buy it. Google Shopper for iPhone is out now for free and will work on any iPhone packing iOS 4.0 or higher.

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  • Chris

    I downloaded this app and tried it out over lunch. I'm after a copy of a book I know is listed on Amazon but given there is a specialist bookshop around the corner from my office I decided to look for it there. Scanning the barcode was quick and easy and it returned a list of results in a couple of seconds over 3G. The results however were less than impressive. The top 20 'local' retailers listing my very specialised and expensive book were 20 different branches of WHSmith within a 20 mile radius of Manchester City Centre. The list suggests that the book is available in a train station kiosk of a nearby town and that there are no other book shops except WHSmith! The list of online retailers was also pretty weak – 8 retailers (one of which was WHSmith) and 6 more I've never heard of. Amazon isn't listed. When it comes to buying books, music or DVD's online retailers like Play and Amazon are often the first and last place to look. The app doesn't list either of these stores when searching for an item. RedLaser for iOS does and for me is much more useful. If you aren't getting the big picture, seeing all online retails then Google Shopper is going to cost you money. Still, good news for WHSmith who might stand to make a killing!

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