Windows Phone 7 copy and paste lands Feb 7thThe worlds of copy and paste are rumored to be landing as soon as February 7th on Windows Phone 7. First spotted by our friends at, a variety of French Windows Phone enthusiast websites have outed the release details — here’s the scoop.

It’s a bit ironic that in 2007 when the iPhone launched, the harshest critics believed the lack of copy and paste to be a critical flaw. Today, Windows Phone 7 users experience a similar fait, but according to many insiders — this will change on February 7th, just a week before Mobile World Congress 2011.

The February 7th update is code named “nodo” (for no donuts) and in addition to copy and paste support, it also brings performance improvements to the table. According to French website, the performance improvements can by attributed to better “resource utilization” and “memory for fast loading of applications”. The update will also include support for “Qualcomm chips 7 X 30”.

The predictions do not stop there, in fact also confirmed the second Windows Phone 7 update will be released in September 2011, followed by a third update in “late 2012”. Windows Phone 8, code named Appolis will also be released in late 2012, around the same time as the third update for Windows Phone 7.

In US smartphone news, the latest NDP figures suggest that in Q4 2010, “Windows Phone 7 OS claimed less market share than its predecessor, Windows Mobile”. In terms of percentages, NDP Group reported iOS holds 19 percent market share, RIM 19 percent, Windows Mobile four percent, Windows Phone 7 two percent, and webOS two percent.

With two million Windows Phone 7 units shipped worldwide, there will certainly be an audience for the February 7th update. Despite the meager US market share reported by NDP Group, Windows Phone 7 remains an exciting proposition. You’ve heard what we think about WP7 in our Dell Venue Pro review and later, eclipse our top handset list. Now, who else is excited for the Windows Phone 7 update?

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