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Remember the Pandora gaming handheld? We brought you the world’s first review of the little emulating machine that could last Summer, but if you’ve been following it, you’ll know how tricky tracking one of them down has been thanks to a backlog of pre-orders.

Today though that changes: Brits can now buy one and get it within a week, with no more waiting lists. We spoke to the lead on the OpenPandora project to find out more.

Previously, you’d have had to stick your name on the list for a Pandora handheld and wait: production of the County Durham built device was running at about 70 units per day. Now though, we’ve confirmed that you can now order a Pandora for £309.99, and expect delivery within seven days.

Why the change to a next day delivery basis? OpenPandora head Craig Rothwell tells us that the Pandoira community banged heads and “decided that selling new units on a ‘next day delivery’ basis at $499, while still shipping out preorders, would allow us to produce many more than 70 per day as we will be able to hire more staff to build them.”

Actually being able to nab one in short order sounds like reason enough for the price hike (It previously sold for £230) if you ask us. Wondering whether the Pandora is value for money? Check out our our full, exclusive Pandora review to find out!

Out Now | £309.99 | Pandora

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