Nokia is still taking a battering with its third quarter profit shrinking faster than a Hollyoaks actress desperate for an FHM covershoot. The difficulties have got Nokia thinking the unthinkable and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hinted yesterday that another OS could get a look in, specifically Android. Nokia Android phones were unthinkable when the company compared Android to peeing in your pants (yes, really) but those scatological slurs have long gone…

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Elop says Nokia needs to work faster to improve its products: “We have a fundamental competitiveness problem overall.” Translated: the phones aren’t good enough despite a sterling effort to make the Nokia N8 worth shelling out for. Elop dropped the big bombshell when he said: “The game has changed from a battle of devices to a war of eco-systems and competitive eco-systems are gaining momentum and share….We must build, catalyse or join a competitive eco-system.”

So lets look at those “competitive eco-system” options. Apple owns iOS and ain’t nobody going to wrestle that from them. RIM has QNX and Blackberry 6 to bring to the battle. Symbian is punchdrunk and Windows Phone 7 is not exactly flying right. That leaves Android, a proven success with a big library of apps to draw on. A Nokia Android phone? It isn’t the pee your pants option any longer…

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  • Damian Knight

    Would it be so crazy id Nokia considered using HP/Palms WebOs as the world is flooded with andriod phones now that Nokia needs to have a different feel to it.

  • surethom

    Dont think will ever happen, but if it did a nokia camera on a Android phone would be fantastic.

    • bensillis

      Wouldn't argue with that. Nokia is a long way ahead of the competition when it comes to cameras – even Sony Ericsson's fallen off a bit lately.

  • Born2BMild

    I wish my N8 was on Android. Only the camera is stopping me from changing now.

  • Stoli89

    ECOSYSTEM does not equal OS. Revising the OVI ecosystem strategy to include joining others could easily mean ecosystems that offer services and/or content not competitively offered by OVI (books, movies, TV). Elop has already doubled down on Qt as a development framework for both internal and external use. Qt is the cross platform framework that reduces the costs and complexities of Nokia's dual OS strategy (Symbian, Meego). It's also the basis for its UI developments within both OS's. The Android OS adds no value to Nokia's stated objective to develop a “SUSTAINABLY competitive” ecosystem. Elop emphasized the word sustainably, not me.

    • Taras Dhedhi

      Quite correct. Going wp7/andorid would mean 8 months to a year for a hanset .. unlikely It would also damage nokai as a brand.

      What Elop means is that where existing ecosystems exist such as netflix and lovefilm exists as a film download ecosystem. Nokia will join that rather than do its own.

      Symbian^3 has turned things around for symbian.

      • novak84

        “Symbian^3 has turned things around for symbian” are you having a laugh?

        How exactly has it stopped Nokia leaking customers left right and centre to rival handsets?

        Piss funny.

  • Gesig Boek

    Just because you discount Windows Phone 7 does not mean ex-Microsoftie CEO Elop has.

  • bhairavpardiwala

    Just how many times does nokia have to say no to these websites for no android is amazing!!!
    But whats even more amazing is people still blogging on about it like its gonna come true while it ain't
    but for those who are still not in the knowing here's the actual situation
    Nokia is Headed for MEEGO the one os supported wholly by the linux foundation,Intel and AMD to name a few.

  • freshpopcorn

    If Nokia put Android 2.2 on their N8 I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one right now.

  • Simfree

    if nokia put android in its upcoming E7, I'll definitely buy it without a second thought. Or at least make it android compatible. Pretty please.

  • Abbers

    Lol! Love the simile in that first sentence :P

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