Samsung Smart TV delivers IPTV without set top boxSamsung Smart TVs are set to take Internet protocol television (IPTV) by storm in 2011. Smart TVs funnel the power of high-speed internet services into the ultimate television experience, without the monthly lease of a set top box. Are we moving to a future where connected TVs replace the set top box?

At CES 2011 earlier this month, Samsung unveiled RVU protocol support for the D6000 series TVs, which combined with the new DirecTV RVU server, created a multi-room DVR solution without the need for additional set top boxes. Today, Samsung is using their Smart TV platform to eliminate set top boxes for IPTV subscribers.

Gaining traction in the Internet-connected TV market is a significant milestone. There are currently over 28 million IPTV subscribers worldwide, most coming from Europe, Asia and North America. Recently, the Xbox 360 was enabled to function as an IPTV set top box in the US on At&t’s U-verse service via a Media Room update. For the past year a similar update has been rumored for Windows Media Center (Vista and Windows 7), but never materialized.

If Samsung can enable their Smart TVs to function as IPTV set top boxes on a global scale, this could be a major selling point for their TVs and connected Blu-ray players. As a home theater enthusiast, reducing clutter remains a high priority, not to mention cutting the costs associated with leasing a set top box. Any fellow IPTV subscribers out there excited about the possibility of using a Samsung TV as a set top box?

via Samsung

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