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Is Samsung announcing a 10″ version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab at Mobile World Congress 2011? From the looks of this MWC 2011 press conference invite, there’s little else it could be. Click through for the full size image.

The invitation reads: “Something big is coming to Barcelona. Something that reveals our vision for 2011…”Changing needs of consumers continue to shape the development of devices.”

Is that a literal use of the word big, implying a big Samsung Galaxy Tab? Big as in bigger than a 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab? From the looks of the image above, it could well be. Where else is there for Samsung to go in terms of devices? The Samsung Galaxy Tab already has a 4G and Wi-fi only edition, so it would make sense that the next step is to make a bigger version, especially now that Android 3.0 Honeycomb is knocking around.

What do you think? Is this a 10″ Samsung Galaxy Tab edition? Shout out in the comments!

  • Mereko

    hopefully not! what we need is a tab that runs smoothly, and 7″ is a great portable size for large pockets. Samsung showed that until now they can't be beaten at that size. it's just that the galaxy tab 1 appears too weak and laggy for it to stay at the top spot for much longer. plus, there are enough 10″ tabs heading our way, and they all have the same flaw. if I want to carry any of those devices around outside, I need a bag. if I already have to take a bag with me, I'd rather take my powerful laptop than the tablet.

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