Mio has just announced its new satnav, the Mio Navman Spirit V575 TV. So far, so standard. But there’s something interesting about the Mio Navman Spirit V575 TV: it’s packing TomTom smarts on top of its TV capabilities.

The Mio Navman has built in freeview TV, and an SD slot that means you can take music and videos with you too. It ahs autotune, and there’s a built in electronic programme guide too. The Mio Navman Spirit V575 screen is 4.7″, and the body comes complete with a mounting bracket.

This is a clever Mio though, with TomTom tech under the hood. It’s packing TomTom’s IQ Routes, which anticipates congestion and gives you the cleverest route, to help avoid bottlenecks and build ups of traffic, to get you want to go in super fast time. This is the surprising bit of the Navman, as it’s one of the only times we’ve seen TomTom license out its tech to a rival satnav manufacturer.

Out now | £150 | Mio

Is this a bad move from TomTom, giving its rivals its tech? Shout out in the comments!

  • gatorguy

    They've tried to market their IQR data to other buyers of it's TeleAtlas (now TomTom Group) maps for several months. This is their first success. TomTom can see where the pnd market is going, and their future is going to be in services, not hardware.I don't think this hurts TomTom in the least. I won't be surprised to see TomTom discontinue pnd's entirely at some point in the next 3-5 years.

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