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Apptoyz are releasing this plastic fantastic gun app add on for the iPhone, creatively titled the Appgun, although it’s so big it’s almost like your iPhone is the add on for the gun. Appgun turns your iPhone in to an augmented reality alien shooting game.Click through for photos and video!

The Appgun gaming app is “free”, and the gun costs £20. It uses the camera on your iPhone to display your surroundings, and pastes aliens on top of that view. It registers your movement through the iPhone and you have to shoot the aliens, meaning they could be anywhere around you – behind you, above your head, or at your feet. Pretty simple, but pretty cool.

The gun that comes with the Appgun has a left and right trigger. The left fires normal bullets, and the right chucks stun bombs. We asked a spokesperson for Apptoyz where we’d be able to pick one up, and she said we’d be able to get one “anywhere”: here there and everywhere, so check your local toyshop come April to pick one up.

Out April | £20 | All good toyshops and retailers!

Here’s the full video…

[Photos courtesy of Active Dad]

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