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Pioneer has launched two in-car digital media receivers, which come complete with an App Mode, meaning you’ll be able to throw audio from any iOS app – Spotify,, internet radio – through to your in car audio system.

The Pioneer digital media receivers, the MVH-7300 and MVH-8300BT, have a USB, SD and aux inputs, meaning you can take your audio into the car from an SD card, USB or through anything that’ll hook up to an aux in, and that means any smartphone with the Spotify app too. You won’t be able to hook up any smartphone though, it will connect via this cable, meaning its only for iPhone or iPod touch devices, fourth generation or later.

The Pioneer MVH-7300 and MVH-8300BT have a 3″ colour display, which will play DivX or JPEG, and supports audio file codecs WMA,MP3 or AAC.The difference between the two versions, aside from £50, is that the 8300 has Parrot Bluetooth, which turns the Pionerr MVH-8300BT into a hands free unit as well.

Out Feb 2011 | MVH-7300 – £300/MVH-8300BT – £350 | Pioneer

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