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We love to celebrate truly fantastic gadgets, so as well as awarding review scores to every bit of kit to cross our desks, we’re also now dishing out special awards for the gadgets that warrant extra praise. You can see them above, and they’re now appearing across our reviews pages too. What does a product need to qualify for a special award? Read on, and we’ll break it down.

Five Stars

Our top score. We only award full marks to the products we deem the best in class. Products that score a full five stars are ticking all our boxes, and doing what they say on the tin extremely well.

Wherever you see the Five Stars logo, you can be sure the product is a solid one, worthy of your hard earned cash and sure to secure you a solid set of high tech bragging rights. You won’t find us dishing out too many Five Star awards, so when you see it pay extra special attention to the product glistening beneath it.

Best Buy

If you see the Best Buy logo next to a product, get your wallet ready, this one’s worth snapping up sharpish. We deem the Best Buy award suitable for products that are the best of the best in their category.

You’ll find our Best Buy awardees rounded up in our Top 5 Lists, so whatever you’re looking for, if it’s sporting a Best Buy badge, you’ll know the product’s a bonafide hit, recommended by the Electricpig team, with top tech credentials to satisfy our reviewers’ stringent set of criteria.

Editor’s Choice

Products that do something unique, extraordinary, seamlessly, or unusually well for their price get our coveted Editor’s Choice award. Just scoring five stars isn’t enough, and neither is doing the business at a knock-down price.

These are products that stand out from the crowd and send the Electricpig reviews team into a tizzy of childish excitement. It might be some truly next-gen tech, or an innovation that makes our heads spin. Perhaps it’s a product that upturns your life and changes your very existence. It’s a very special award, so treat products that receive it with reverence.

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