Suddenly finding the best Windows Phone 7 apps is more of a chore than it was even a couple of weeks ago – and we’re only threee months from launch. That’s namely because, despite disparaging headlines surrounding the platform’s sales, the growth of Windows Marketplace has actually been fairly steady – topping 5,000 apps at the last count, and averaging out at around 50 new titles a day.

Given the App Store is already more than 300,000 apps strong, it’s unlikely Apple is exactly quaking in its boots, but should those at its Cupertino HQ gaze over Electricpig’s monthly rundown of the top apps to hit the platform, they just might indulge in a wee shiver or two when they think no-one else is looking. Have a look at our picks here.

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Amazon Kindle
Nevermind 5,000 apps – with one fell swoop, the launch of Amazon’s Kindle app on Windows Phone 7 gives users access to a library of 750,000 books and counting.

The app, which Amazon has designed from the ground up to sport the platform’s ‘Metro’ side-swiping UI, comes with a unique book recommendation tool exclusive to Microsoft’s OS, giving reason for existing iPhone and Android owners to look on enviously. The good news for them is, should they decide to switch to Windows Phone 7 apps, their existing library of books should sync with little fuss. Kindle’s great on any platform, so it should come as no surprise it makes our best Windows Phone 7 apps column too.

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Fruit Ninja
No doubt, even the most casual of gamers will have heard of Fruit Ninja before and, even though its appearance on Windows Phone 7 is far from a first for Halfbrick’s finest, it’s no less fun for that.

Coming with the same finger slicing fruit based action it sported on both iPhone and Android, Fruit Ninja’s latest flavour benefits from the addition of Xbox achievements – though there’s no online Xbox Live play as of yet – and, if you play on an HTC HD7 at least, a gloriously big screen that does its gameplay real justice.

YouTube, by HTC
Though Microsoft had already served up its own YouTube app, in actuality it was nothing more than a link to the service’s mobile site. HTC’s dedicated YouTube app is a marked step up in comparison, offering features like top rated videos and the most discussed from within the app itself.

While it’s currently not possible to log into your own account directly, the app’s main benefit is that it plays vids in high quality, as some Android phones offer. Providing you have access to WiFi, it’s also pretty speedy too. The down side is, given the firm behind it, it’s only available on HTC handsets.

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For every man’s Fruit Ninja, there’s an ilomilo. By that, we mean Windows Phone 7 already has a track record for serving up unique, mobile exclusive releases as an aside to the straight ports – CarneyVale: Showtime and The Harvest of note.

ilomilo – launched simultaneously with an Xbox Live Arcade version – has gained plaudits not just for its cute and cuddly, yet equally stunning, looks, but also for its series of 3D maze like levels that offer genuine character and charm, the idea being to traverse them to reunite both ilo and milo in their cuboid world. One of the best Windows Phone 7 apps for proving to your mates that not everything is an iOS knock off.

Only months into Windows Phone 7′s life, and already its marketplace is awash with games where taking down packs of zombies is the prime objective. Babaroga’s Zombies!!!, however, is a somewhat different beast, taking inspiration from a turn based board game of the same name.

Killing zombies and surviving to fight another day are, of course, your main objectives, but to do so you have to place tiles and roll the dice to track your path to freedom. All in all, a somewhat different and engaging spin on a familiar theme.

  • bagofspanners

    Zombies looks like a wicked game!!! I'm deffo gonna download that one!

  • James

    Absolutely loving the Kindle app!

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