B&W hopes to be the first company to make it to market with an AirPlay enabled speaker system, the Zeppelin Air, and has been working closely with Apple, as one of the AirPlay launch partners. B&W New Media boss Brian Devan told us this morning that he believes AirPlay will soon be in lots more systems than just the launch partners. We asked if he thought we’d be seeing it with the same proliferation as iTunes: “Yes,” he said, “AirPlay is a gamechanger… Networked audio is not new, but usually the UI is awful and challenging. Apple are the best at seductive user friendly interfaces, so there will be others.” While B&W are not the most objective of sources, from what we saw earlier today, AirPlay could really catch on if the equipment gets out there.

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  • Chall5

    looking forward to some reasonably priced AirPlay speakers hitting the market. Wonder what the drain on the iPad's battery will be like streaming audio ?

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