Fake Steve Jobs signs off

As the real Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence, his online doppelganger is doing the same thing: Fake Steve Jobs, for many years the provocateur of much ire at Cupertino, has signed off to give his real life counterpart a break.

“For obvious reasons I won’t be blogging here anymore, though I will leave the archives up” says Fake Steve Jobs, outed as Newsweek journo Daniel Lyons some time ago. Lyons did the same thing in 2008, around the same time Jobs was first reported as suffering from pancreatic cancer.

There’s a bit of fruity language following Lyons’ latest blogging cessation, which we’ll leave you to read for yourself. Personally, we support him. Apple news? Bring it on, but you won’t find us poring over Steve’s personal health matters, and shame on those who do.

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