Is this the Samsung Galaxy Ace, or is it the Samsung Galaxy S mini? Mobile World Congress is right around the corner, and we’ll be reporting from the front line, is this the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S that Samsung will be announcing? Click through for the full, slightly pixelated (because it is so tiny) product shot.

The product shot has a name on it too, but we’re a little sceptical: is this really called the Samsung Galaxy Ace? Call us picky, but the font on the word “Ace” doesn’t fit with the Samsung branding, and in particular, it’s a shift away from all the other Galaxy range branding. Samsung does not use a serif font like that, and (we’d hope) not one that crappy looking either.

It could be that this device is the Samsung Galaxy S Mini, which also cropped up at the end of last week:

This so-called Samsung Galaxy S mini is running Android Froyo, has Bluetooth, a microSD, Wi-fi and a 5MP camera, which are all suspiciously generic features you would be unlikely to get wrong if you just guessed. This isn’t the first sneak peek at the Samsung Galaxy S mini to be spied though. Another shot of the phone snuck out at the end of last week, which also purported to reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S Mini had  a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor and super AMOLED screen tech.

Samsung Ace or Samsung Galaxy S Mini? Are these the same phone? Shout out in the comments!

[via Eurodroid, Blogsolute]

  • Bigtrev

    Looks pretty similar to the iPhone 4. People slag apple off left right and centre but everyone copies them

    • Shadyblue

      i have to agree, everyone wants to copy apple

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