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At the North American International Auto Show Ford announced it will launch a full range of electric and hybrid vehicles, complementing the Ford Focus Electric we already saw at CES. Want the skinny on Ford’s new eco superstars? Step this way please, and see them revealed in our up-close video!

The new C-MAX Energi, Ford’s first-ever production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will join the C-MAX Hybrid, a full hybrid eco car, and will hit Europe in 2013 after going on sale in the US next year. They prove Ford’s commitment to eco technology and innovation in several ways too.

Ford says the new C-MAX Hybrid is designed to deliver better miles per gallon than Ford Fusion Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient sedan in America, while the C-MAX Energi boasts a whopping great range of “more than 500 miles” between its electric battery and petrol engine.

Both models join the new Focus Electric, an all-battery electric car which charges in just over four hours. In its press conference at NAIAS, Ford had a pop at rivals Nissan by pointing out that charge time is around half that of its Electric car. “We could talk about other manufacturers, but we’ll ‘Leaf’ that for another time.” Ouch.

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