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In the wake of CES 2011 we’ve got SD cards full of snaps and stories that got lost in the myriad announcements and hands on first impressions we were legging it around Vegas for. This is one of them: the world’s biggest 3D LCD TV screen at the LG stand, which tops even the Sharp Aquos beast. Not only that, it’s ultra definition too, which means it’s super sharp and crisp.

The LG 3D TV giant works with passive shutter glasses, meaning there’s no 3D flicker, and it has 4K resolution, which is a resolution of 4,000 pixels of horizontal resolution. Impressed? Hold your horses.

The problem is that LG couldn’t find anything to show off that was running in a high enough resolution: films with resolution as high as the LG 3D TV has are few and far between, meaning the image wasn’t as crisp as it could have been. This then, is more a proof of concept than a viable slice of consumer technology, not least because most of us couldn’t fit it in our living rooms.

CES 2011 was full of enormous TV screens, but is bigger always better? Shout out in the comments!

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    LG has launched its 3D TV range for the Australian users in Sydney.In place of LCD technology LG is using 3D TV with Plasma and LED technology. The LG 3D TV will have 5 LED 3D TVs and 2 Plasma 3D display.

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