The iPad 2 will be revealed by Apple in a few weeks time according to Kevin Rose who posted the intelligence on his new blog. Rose has been spot on with Apple rumours before and is known to have a number of sources inside Infinite Loop. He even puts a date on the announcement saying the iPad 2 event will “possibly [be on] Tuesday February 1st”. He says the iPad 2 will feature a “higher dpi display” but not the same retina display as the iPhone 4 as well as the front and back cameras which have long been predicated by Apple watchers and idle speculators. Hit the headline and let us know: do you think Rose is right? Are we mere weeks away from seeing the iPad 2?

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  • Stephen Sullivan

    I was in the pub the other day and spoke to a guy who's uncle used to be a security guard and had a dog that once wandered around as a stray at Apple headquarters. Apparently he seen the iPad 2 and it has three cameras, a coffee machine and passed the Turing test.

    Another guy in the pub who was standing at the fruit machine, is adamant that Jobs will announce something about such and such a week on Tues.

    Now I've been drinking with these guys for years and the dog seems pretty loyal. So what do you think? Is the dog spot on? I can't be arsed using my journalism degree to actually source some facts and quote any reliable sources. I'm far to busy dicking around on Facebook playing Zynga poker.

    • mic


      Kevin Rose is a very well connected Silicon Valley figure who has correctly revealed details about Apple products ahead of time in the past (such as with a previous generation of the iPod nano). He is an interesting figure who doesn't make these statements lightly. That's why we've reported this.

      Lots of people are interested in rumours about the new iPad. That's why we reported it. I understand you're not.


      • Mark_Anderson

        Rose gets it wrong as much as he gets it right. Just sayin'.

        And, come on, that was funny.

    • novak84

      got to admit, that is funny!

  • surethom

    Will it finally have widgets on the home screen if not then just not worth it, what ever the hardware is.

  • Kyung Lah

    A resolution of 1280×720 is not possible.
    The iPad has a resolution of 1024×768, which means a ratio of 4:3
    1280×720 would be 16:9.
    That means they needed to change the form factor of the ipad2 and make it wider, which they obviously won't, since they're already making cases for the ipad2 that has the same form factor, only a bit smaller. 70-680 640-802

  • Sarah Cooper

    1st February – isn't that right bang in the middle of Chinese New Year?

  • Guest

    Looks like Kevin got it quite wrong

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