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Polaroid Grey Label: Lady Gaga outs camera in sunglasses and a Bluetooth mobile printer

The Polaroid Grey Label has just been unveiled by Lady Gaga at CES in Las Vegas. We were there to see it happen, and we’ve got video of the whole thing on the way, but in the meantime, let’s break down the trio of Monster Ball infused gizmos right here. Trust us, they’re out there.

We were expecting new digital cameras from Polaroid, but in front of a crowd of hundreds (and possibly thousands), Lady Gaga pulled a cloak off a shop mannequin, to reveal a pair of wrap around sunglasses. Where were the new Polaroids? They are: the Polaroid GL20 are a pair of shades with 1.5-inch LCDs inside each lens. You can take pictures, which are then displayed on them, or preload images, and walk around looking like Kanye West had a digital photo frame implanted into his face.

Next up for the Polaroid Grey Label, Lady Gaga showed off the Polaroid GL10, another not-actually-a-Polaroid-camera gadget. It’s a portable printer – and not an especially small one, mind – that receives images over Bluetooth from any phone, and prints them off on 3″x4″ paper, with the traditional Polaroid white border, or colours to the edge as you choose. Lady Gaga admitted it doesn’t work with the iPhone, to an enormous boo from the audience of press and industry insiders, but every other Bluetooth enabled phone should work just fine.

Finally, after apparently losing the device in the cloth covering it, Gaga revealed the Polaroid GL30, an honest to goodness Polaroid digital camera, with an achingly retro design. It’s actually digital however, with a 12 megapixel sensor inside – and even an LCD display on the bottom of the camera. It prints to Polaroid’s Zink paper, and Gaga demoed the process on stage, which took under a minute.

When does the Polaroid Grey Label range go on sale? Gaga mentioned “Christmas” but the company is keeping it vague, and completely mum on the pricing, save for the printer, which is out in May in the US for $149 (£97). Stay tuned for full video of the launch – it’s uploading as you read this! See the launch video now!

Digital cameras from CES 2011 powered by Dixons

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