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We all know the agony of an over-stuffed iPad, iPhone or even a laptop with zero storage left, but we’re amazed it’s taken someone so long to cook up the genius solution created by Kingston: A flash storage drive with baked in Wi-Fi to hook up to all our portable Apple gizmos.

Kingston showed us the MobiSX behind closed doors at CES today, and while it’ll launch by June 2011 it’s still officially being dubbed a proof of concept device. And boy, does it prove the concept works.

Hook up an iPad to the MobiSX using Wi-Fi and dive into the Safari browser, tap in its IP address, and you’ll see a familiar file manager pop up. From here you can access documents, photos, movies and music.

Movies streamed direct from the MobiSX take just a couple of seconds to spring to life on the iPad’s screen, and up to three people can stream from a MobiSX simultaneously.

Battery life tops out at four hours constant streaming, or six in standby waiting for iPads, iPhones, iPod touches or laptops to connect.

In the future, Kingston says it’ll launch an Enterprise version too, with a beefier processor and more powerful battery to allow up to 10 users to stream from it at once, although it won’t be available until nearer the end of 2011.

Those using laptops or other gadgets with USB ports can hook up using a cable too. But that’s really not the point.

What you’re looking at is the first way to relieve storage anxiety amongst iPad owners, and free yourself from using iTunes to shovel data on board the tablet.

And now for the icing on the wireless cake: Kingston says the MobiSX will cost $100 for a 16GB model, doubling even the smallest iPad’s capacity without breaking the bank, and they’ll be available up to 64GB. Now, we dare you to tell us you won’t use one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelussullivan Stephen Sullivan

    Will 'cloud' storage not make this obsolete by the end of this year?

    Also I really think it should be around the 250 – 500 GB mark to make it worthwhile. My music collection alone is 120GB.

    • porco_krs

      Cloud is still too slow for many solutions. In order to reach capacities you mention, you'd need to use an HDD solution. I guess this one uses flash so it's shock resistant and very fast. Also, looks like the idea is to share its contents (like an HD movie) even with a couple of people on the move. Try that with a cloud (speed wise) or with an HDD. I guess HDD would drain the battery faster too.

      End to an end, like with ipods, you still need to be selective about your multimedia contents but with this one, I'll be able to take more and easily share it! Got to have it. Hurry up kingston!

  • Composer

    Has anyone tried these?
    I have no computer at all, only iPad and iPhone and iCloud.
    Is there a way to take videos from my iPad and save them to this drive for future viewing/streaming, and keep the iPad free of clutter?

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