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In with all the shiny bright modern technology here at CES, we managed to seek out what looks at first glance to be the most obsolete lump of gadgetry at the whole show. But look closer, and this little cassette walkman converts your old handmade mix tapes, copies of Now That’s What I Call Music, and recordings of John Peel’s radio shows straight to MP3. Want your tape collection to sit pretty on a digital media player? Step right this way please.

The icing on the cake was the price point, the ICTR-3000 (suitably retro name we think) has an RRP of $50 in the US, which is about £32 over on our side of the pond. The folks at Innovative Technologies who make the gadget assured us that the ICTR-3000 is available in the UK, but as it’s brand spanking new and one of its announcements for CES, we’re waiting on details for where you can buy one.

It’s powered by USB or battery, comes with earbuds, and works as a cassette walkman as well, with an FM radio. It’s got big chunky buttons for volume control, play, fast forward, stop, reset and scan. It also comes with free audio editing software Audacity for cleaning up the crackle on your old cassettes.

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