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To give you a slight break from the tablet onslaught that’s come from today’s CES, we went past the patchouli scented House of Marley stand, and couldn’t help getting an eyeful and an earful of the Bob Marley House of Marley camo speaker sacks, complete with friendship bands, sandalwood and  stand staff dressed in camo gear. Marley fans step away, this might turn your stomach.

House of Marley say: “Bob Marley believed in a better world. Today, his family is creating it though a new line of inspired personal audio products.” To say that there’s only a loose connection between those two sentences is putting it midly. But don’t start slagging them off yet – this isn’t just about cashing in. The audio products are apparently “eco conscious” – meaning they’re sustainably sourced and a portion of the profits go to 1Love.org

The collections are called Jammin’, Freedom, and Destiny, and the range runs from in ear headphones with rasta-coloured cords, to an iPad dock and these apalling wooden speaker topped iPod dock bags. We have no idea who would use this and where, apart from the lamest gap year guy at his first full moon party.

What do you reckon to House of Marley Bob Marley audio products? Great or gross?

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