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We’ve hankered after the Toshiba glasses-free 3D TV ever since it was teased yesterday. Now, we’ve clapped eyes on it. How does it stack up against its glasses-packing rivals? Read on, and we’ll tell you.

Toshiba has a bunch of glasses-free 3D technology, and it ranges from the hugely impressive to the hugely worrisome. Its 20 inch LCD screen is a sight to behold. The smaller size seems to suit glasses free 3D to a tee. But in larger sizes, there are vertical lines and visible strobing if you step from side to side.

The impression is of a lenticular image, like those often found stuck to the front of magazines for ‘special edition’ 3D covers. It’s 3D alright, but we wouldn’t want to watch a two hour film through it.

But there’s hope for Toshiba’s technology. Smaller screens show great promise, and its concept 3D digital picture frames are eye-popping. Even better, there’s a prototype glasses-free 3D laptop here at CES.

Toshiba’s not playing games, and as we’ve been we’ve been warned previously, the technology is still around two years from being made publicly available.

All things considered, glasses free 3D TV has us hopeful. It’s not perfect, but it’s already looking much more appealing than joining the silly-specs brigade in debating whether active or passive is better for your peepers.

3D TV coverage from CES 2011 powered by Dixons

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