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3D camcorders are still relatively rare, but Sony’s setting out to change that with the new Bloggie 3D, a camera packing HD video in 3D, with a glasses-free 3D screen to boot, all for around £160. Fancy painting yourself blue and recreating Avatar in the back garden? Now you can.

The Bloggie 3D feels as sturdy as you’d expect from a piece of Sony kit. Those twin lenses are slightly recessed, and on the flip side, subtle control buttons keep the camcorder from looking clunky.

There’s a pop-out USB connector, so you can easily offload your three dimensional footage, and a HDMI output means it’ll play nice with 3D TVs too. Of course, if you don’t fancy recording in 3D it’ll just as easily shoot in 2D, and record 5 megapixel still shots too.

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Inside the Bloggie 3D there’s 8GB of memory, a stereo microphone and a 4x zoom auto focussing lens. On the software side there’s also face recognition and image stabilisation.

When it hits shelves in April, the Bloggie 3D looks set to kickstart a wave of 3D home movie making and welcome a new wave of digital cameras. YouTube won’t know what’s hit it.

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