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Samsung D7900 LED TV: The most beautiful TV of CES

The new Samsung D7900 LED TV is, as super thin, enormous flatscreen boobtubes go, rather subtle – none of this asymmetrical design Sammy is pushing in some of its other lines. But look at it for a few moments though, and you’ll realise that you really are staring at just the picture and nothing else. So what’s different about this Samsung TV?

You see, the silver bezel of the Samsung D7900 LED TV, while not the thinnest we’ve ever seen, drops away on all four sides at such a sharp angle, it’s actually difficult to see. In fact, so dramatic is this slope, it’s actually hard to make out the Samsung logo beneath the screen from the average viewing distance.

It’s a hard sensation to capture on film: 2D cameras don’t capture this particularly well, but what you’re left with is a screen, out of all the ones Samsung was showing on its vast CES stand today (including more expensive models), that left you with the impression that the screen is very nearly, genuinely edge to edge, still something yet to be achieved in TVs available on the mass market.

Unfortunately, the Samsung D7900 Series 7 LED TV (3D and internet connected, naturally) isn’t destined for the UK, we’ve confirmed. A true tragedy, as this is a 3D TV that needs to be seen on a shop floor to be believed.

Still, fingers crossed Samsung’s design ethos filters down into its other TVs eventually.

3D TV coverage from CES 2011 powered by Dixons

  • http://led-tv.uk.com/LCD-3D-TVs Cmccarron

    That's a stunning tv.

    • bensillis

      It is. Was a real beauty.

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