Samsung AllShare, the company’s media streaming app and platform for chucking music and video around your home, has done a good job of making something not entirely simple, DLNA, idiot proof. But the gadget giant is pushing it to the next level with an update coming this year, that’ll really make you think twice about what phone, as well as what TV you buy next. Read on for the video of some astounding new tricks we saw today ahead of release.

Right now, Samsung AllShare amounts to little more than an easy way to play video clips on your Samsung Galaxy S on your PlayStation 3. But Samsung wants you to buy Samsung phones, TVs, tablets and more, and to do that, it’s priming a new version of AllShare for Android, due in the first half of the year, that really has your device working in sync with your TV.

Up first is a feature called Screen Share, which at first glance, simply lets you stream what’s being shown on your TV (You’ll need a new Samsung D7000 or D8000 LED 3D TV model) onto a Samsung Galaxy Tab at the same time, so you can wonder out of the room to make food and not miss a goal. Both need to be connected to your home network, naturally, and it worked pretty seamlessly, albeit with a second’s delay or so on the Tab, as you can see in the video below.

But – it gets better – this new Samsung AllShare feature lets you change the input source on your TV, be it Blu-ray player, PVR or Freeview HD, directly from the Galaxy Tab (Or Galaxy S phone), and if the TV has twin tuners, somebody else can carry on watching another channel in the living room. It’s like SlingPlayer in your home, without all the hassle of infra red blasters.

Another new feature of Samsung AllShare on the Samsung Galaxy Tab on show at CES today was Zone Share, a feature which lets you set contexts for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. For instance, using accelerometers, it’ll automatically pop up with the Samsung TV on screen remote when face down, but when it detects motion as you walk away, it moves the TV picture over to the tablet, and turns the TV off. Nice.

We’re really impressed by the latest version of Samsung’s Smart TV set up, available on its high end new TVs. This integration with Samsung Android devices is smart, appears to work (never a given with home networking), and is even matched by some new UI features, on the TVs which rival Google TV. Samsung’s new unified search bar is particularly headturning, letting you search by the name of film or TV show, and popping up with what Samsung TV apps it’s available through (Lovefilm or Blockbuster, say), and for how much.

The new Samsung AllShare integration should be available before July, as a free update.

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