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If you wear glasses, you’ll know the pain of watching 3D movies at the cinema. Those disposable lenses they hand out just don’t sit well over existing eyewear. But Polaroid’s got the answer, with a range of passive 3D glasses specifically designed to accomodate an existing pair of glasses underneath.

We tried them out at Polaroid’s CES booth, and they knocked our expectations into a cocked hat. Sitting neatly over our classes, there were no black borders visible, just seamless 3D without much extra weight.

We hear high street retailers have shown interest in stocking Polaroid’s “3D covers” as they’re known, as soon as passive 3D TVs such as LG’s newest models hit the shelves. They’re also popping up in Empire cinema chains. They’ll set you back around $30, or just under £20 in the UK.

3DTV coverage from CES 2011 powered by Dixons

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