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Polaroid isn’t just hawking smart 3D glasses at CES. Pop weirdo Lady Gaga is on her way to Vegas to address the CES faithful, and unveil her own-brand Polaroid camera this afternoon.

The Polaroid CES booth is open to the press, but several tables still remain shrouded in silver cloth. What’s underneath them? Digital cameras? The smart money is on a Lady Gaga Polaroid camera.

We’ve had a good peep, and we can see printed Polaroid snaps, and what looks like a new camera under Polaroid’s obscuring wraps.

We’ve been told to head back to Polaroid’s stand for 3pm Vegas time, or 11pm GMT, when Gaga will make her appearance. We’ve known a Gaga Polaroid camera was in the works for a while, including a mysterious Gaga OS inside, and it seems today she’ll be on hand to spill the beans personally. Stay tuned.

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