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BlackBerry PlayBook hands on video, plus Quake 3!

We just got to try out the BlackBerry PlayBook with our very own hands for the first time today at RIM’s CES stand, and once more we’ve been wowed by the little slate and its super smooth OS. See it in action in video right here, with some bonus shots of it burning through Quake 3.

While we were shown the BlackBerry PlayBook in operation yesterday, today was the first time journalists were able to handle the device, and our time with it cast aside any doubts that RIM had been hiding anything. Pawing through the homescreens, menus and web browser, we saw no hiccups.

Some of BlackBerry 6′s design has made it into the QNX tablet OS: you can pull up a tray of apps and slide through it based on different categories for instance. But the browser is all new, and thoroughly impressive: we saw a video playing on YouTube, and it was honestly the smoothest Flash video we’ve ever seen on a mobile device, that includes the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

As you can see in the video, RIM has quite plainly lifted a great deal from palm’s webOS operating system: the swipes from the bezel onto the screen to bring up context menus, the ability to close an app in card form by swiping up. But frankly, there’s every chance that RIM may also have improved upon it: it really is that delightful.

Finally, we also got a lovely demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook blazing through a game of Quake 3. It was a video, alas, since a touchscreen doesn’t exacty lend itself to frantic first person shooter controls, but RIM assures us that it’s a clip of the PlayBook rendering a simulation. It’s nice to see a company not known for its gaming chops going through this rite of passage with a new device so soon.

Now, can we have a release date please?

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