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Samsung NX11 super slim super camera: hands on!

The Samsung NX11, Samsung’s latest mirrorless pro camera, was on show at CES Unveiled today, so naturally we had to take a peep. It’s a slick looking rival to the likes of Sony’s NEX shooters, Olympus’s micro four thirds shooters and and the Panasonic digital camera models which pack the same tech. Read on for the details, photos and a glimpse at a new lens!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year to the day since Samsung outed the Samsung NX10. And here is its follow up, the Samsung NX11, with a 14.6 megapixel APS-C sensor, 720p video reording, 3-inch AMOLED LCD screen, and of course, an interchangeable lens system, like a DSLR, but without the added bulk.

We got to grips with the Samsung NX11 just now in Las Vegas, and we’re pretty smitten. While we couldn’t see image results, the body is strikingly thin, and feels a bit more rugged an ergonomic than the similarly sized Sony NEX-5 body. We reckon it could survive more of a tumble, that’s for sure.

We also checked out a new pancake lens Samsung is prepping for its NX system, again just like Sony offers for its NEX cameras. It’s not the first lens you’ll want considering a lack of optical zoom, but for hardcore shooters, it could be an ideal add on.

The Samsuung NX11 is out in February, with no word yet on UK pricing.

Out February | £TBC | Samsung

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