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Withings, the maker of those nifty bathroom scales we love so much, has announced two new products at CES this year. One is a baby monitor with a video camera that feeds straight to your smartphone or digital media player, the other, a blood pressure monitor connected to the iPhone that gives an instant reading.

The video feed from the Withings smart baby monitor is sent straight through to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, PC or Mac – any existing connected screen works. The camera has a 3MP sensor and an extra wide view lens with night vision, so if baby moves around you won’t have to shift the camera around too much.

It can also detect movement in the room, and folds up into a neat white box for travelling. As well as the video feed, the smart baby monitor also tells you the temperature and humidity of the bedroom, and has a mic and speaker, so you can can try to talk the baby back to sleep before traipsing up the stairs. The smart baby monitor will be available in late March this year.

The blood pressure monitor is an arm wrap that connects to your iPhone, and gives an instant reading, which is then saved online so you’ll have a record of your blood pressure readings, and you’ll also be able to share them with your doctor and relatives.

Out Jan 2011/March 2011 | TBC | Withings

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