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Wi-Fi cameras are nothing new, but the new Samsung SH100 takes the concept of a wireless snapper and adds a serious dollop of innovation.

Used alone, the 14.2 megapixel Samsung SH100 can fling photos to the web wirelessly, or back up to a PC over your home network, but pair it with a Samsung Galaxy S Android phone and your mobile’s touchscreen lets you control the camera remotely.

The Samsung SH100 can be zoomed and snapped remotely, with the screen of your Android phone acting as a live viewfinder. Wave the camera above a crowd and use a Galaxy S Android phone to select the perfect shot, or take gleefully great group photos which also include yourself, without relying on a clunky self-timer.

All photos taken using a Galaxy S as a remote are also tagged with geographic data using the mobile’s GPS chip.

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But even while acting without an Android phone in tandem, the Samsung SH100 can upload directly to Facebook, Picassa and Photo Bucket, as well as e-mailing shots without needing a PC.

A neat auto-backup feature also uses your home Wi-Fi network to detect when your PC is in range, and automatically copy new photos to it. Don’t like leaving your PC switched on all the time? No problem, the Samsung SH100 uses wake-on LAN features to wake it from sleep before uploading photos. We’re hoping this will be a one of many exceptionally smart digital cameras we see at CES 2011.

Out March 2011 | £200 | Samsung

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