Android SMS bug still not fixed?Dating as far back as June 28th, some Android users have been suffering from a SMS glitch that sends text messages to the wrong recipient. The first known occurrence began on the Nexus One, but today it seems that a much broader list of devices are being affected by the bug.

To bring everyone up to speed let’s start off by breaking down the bug. Using the default messaging app, sending a SMS to a desired contact will result in a successfully sent message. However, the actual message is received by a random contact as well as the intended contact.

Here’s a list of the devices confirmed to experience the bug: Nexus One, Motorola Droid, Motorola Cliq, Galaxy S (Vibrant), HTC Incredible, EVO 4G, T-mobile G2, HTC Desire,

Some users report that the bug even occurs using third party SMS apps such as GoSMS. There’s several variations of how the bug manifests itself. For some users the SMS will only send to a random contact and never arrive at the desired recipient. In terms of Android builds, the SMS bug has been reported mostly on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and custom ROMs based off Froyo.

So why exactly is the SMS bug occurring? A user of the Android Central forums, Darth Mo, has provided a detailed explanation on the matter. The fix for now is to open messages directly from the messaging app and close out every conversation. Alternatively you could download Android Handcent SMS from the Android Market — this app seems to be unaffected by the glitch.

Now we are looking to you, the readers. Are you experiencing the Android SMS bug? We’re trying to get a fix on how widespread the issue is so your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  • bogdan.RO

    I have a Desire running on LeeDroid custom's ROM (which is based on froyo).
    I didn't experienced any problems with sending messages and belive me, I did sent quite a lot.
    Interesting article tho'.

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